Yellow Days is a small shop based in the Netherlands.

I’ve always been a supporter of the creative. The weird and the wicked. The odd ones out, the rainbows of society. Maybe because I’m a little odd too. And I know that within the current society, we are expected to stay within the lines laid out for us. But those lines are starting to shake and shift. Things are changing. It’s time for a creative outburst.

I created Yellow Days with one thing in mind: give people a taste of creativity

While I work hard on creating things of my own, I also like to collaborate with other creatives to make cool products.



Yellow Days stands for freedom and fights against everything that puts that freedom at risk. I am anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, anti-transphobia, anti-racism and all those things that put people’s lives at risk. I am a mental health advocate and am against discrimination towards neurodiverse people, since I am autistic, amongst other things. There is no place for hate here.

Yellow Days tries to be as green as possible. I re-use our packaging materials if possible and those that are not reused are easy to recycle. I always ask the customer to recycle any plastic that comes with the order, making them aware of the effects of plastic as well. I try my best to make sure that the products I get from my suppliers are made in fair conditions and with as little pollution as possible. Every day I try and become a little greener!

I want to be open and honest with you at all times. That’s why you can ask me anything. I’ll always communicate important things such as order problems, website updates and potential problems with you via social media. And if you ever have a question about me or Yellow Days, you can always shoot me an email or message!